Innovation and Technology Support Offices (ITSO)

Patent Search and Patent Drafting Writeshops for ITSO Members in Visayas and Mindanao (Vis-Min)
September 10-14, 2018
University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R)

Contributed by: Ms. Meg Garcia-Cruz



  • The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) sees the need to further encourage patent activities among members of the Innovation and Technology Support Offices (ITSO). In 2017, IPOPHL was able to receive 1,034 patent applications (inventions, utility models and industrial designs) from ITSO members. Although the patent filings last year has increased to 71% (1,034) from 303 patent applications in 2016, there are a lot of researches in the universities and RDIs that have not been captured and applied for patent application. The January-June 2018 Accomplishment Reports submitted by ITSO members revealed that ITSOs have considerable number of invention disclosures from their inventors/researchers and some of these invention disclosures have potential to be filed for patent.
  • There is a need to push our ITSOs to file patent applications and encourage them to commercialize the technologies generated from their research outputs. This is in line with the Mind to Market (M2M) program of the IPOPHL which is geared towards enabling intellectual property (IP)/technology developers to commercialize their IPs. Hence, the series of Patent Search and Patent Drafting Writeshops will be conducted once again this year.
  • The Patent Search and Patent Drafting Writeshops will be conducted in Manila and Cebu City and will be participated in by members of the ITSOs from Luzon-NCR and Visayas-Mindanao (Vis-Min), respectively.   There will be two (2) Writeshops to be conducted in each cluster (i.e. 2 in Manila for Luzon-NCR ITSO members and 2 in Cebu for the Vis-Min ITSO members).
  • The first schedule of the aforementioned Writeshops was conducted from September 10-14, 2018 at the University of San Jose-Recoletos Basak Campus, Cebu City.

The Patent Search Writeshop was conducted for two days from September 10-11, 2014 while the Patent Drafting Writeshop was held for three days from September 12-14, 2018.

  • The participants were required to bring at least one (1) technology for patent (invention, utility model or industrial design) filing to be drafted and eventually filed with IPOPHL at the end of the Writeshops.
  • Prior to the conduct of said Writeshops, IP audits were conducted by target ITSO members and abstracts of their inventions were submitted to IPOPHL for initial conduct of prior art search by the IP Search and Documentation Division (IPSDD) to determine the patentability of the research outputs of ITSOs.


1.    To enable participants to effectively protect their IPRs through the efficient preparation of patent specifications and claims; and

2.    To increase the number of IP-knowledgeable people in the universities who will-be able to cater to the needs of their community.

Summary of the event:

  • The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), in cooperation with the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) conducted the “Patent Search and Patent Drafting Writeshops” from September 10-14,2018 at the USJ-R Basak Campus in Cebu City.
  • USJ-R, being one of the pioneer ITSO members of the IPOPHL, was the venue host for the aforementioned activity.
  • The Opening Ceremony of the activity was graced by Rev. Fr. Christopher C. Maspara, OAR, President of USJ-R. He delivered his welcome message for the ITSO participants from Visayas and Mindanao. In his welcome message, Rev. Fr. Maspara emphasized the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and the need to commercialize them to contribute to the economic development of country.
  • The resource persons of the event are from the IP Search and Documentation Division (IPSDD) of the Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer Bureau (DITTB) and from the Chemical Technology Examining Division, Utility Model Examining Division and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Examining Division of the Bureau of Patents of IPOPHL. (Please see attached program for your reference).
  • The event was participated by more than 40 participants (ITSO personnel, faculty and researchers) from 13 ITSO institutions from Visayas and Mindanao, namely, (1) Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), (2) Caraga State University (CSU), (3) Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U), (4) Eastern Samar State University (ESSU), (5) Samar State University (SSU), (6) University of Eastern Philippines (UEP), (7) University of Mindanao (UM), (8) University of the Philippines Cebu (UPC), (9) University of the Visayas (UV), (10) University of San Agustin (USA), (11) University of San Carlos (USC), (12) University of San Jose Recoletos (USJ-R), and (13) Visayas State University (VSU).
  • At the end of the Writeshops, IPOPHL was able to generate 23 IP filings from the above-mentioned ITSO members.