It is envisioned that the establishment of the ITSO or patent library network will help address the challenges faced by a developing country to participate meaningfully in the international patent system by providing affordable and localized access to patent information, patent protection guidance and assistance.

ITSOs offer the following services:
1. Access to patent and scientific and technical databases;
2. Assistance and advice in using patent databases;
3. Assistance and advice on IP management – Licensing, technology transfer; Preliminary market study and business analysis; Patent drafting, prosecution;
4. Patent search services - Freedom to operate, clearance; Novelty, patentability; State of the art; Validity;
5. Other services:
     •  IP Valuation
     •  Assistance and advice on other IPs e.g. Industrial Design, Copyright, Trade/Service marks
     •  Experts networking
     •  Conduct of trainings on IP management and Entrepreneurship
     •  Access to analytical and laboratory services
     •  Development of feasibility studies, business plans and market studies
     •  Enterprise creation and Business development - Technology Business
     •  Incubator and Science and Technology Park


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