IPOPHL, in recent years, developed a network of 77 ITSOs composed of higher education and research development institutions. This program seeks to foster creation of intellectual property (IP) in the academe and research sectors, particularly in invention and utility models, to increase the national innovative output and to push the presence of Filipino inventions in the international patent system.

Likewise, it is set up to strengthen support for our Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as the ITSOs extend technical assistance to MSMEs and local inventors as regards trademark and patent searches as well as drafting of patent, utility model, and industrial design documents. 

ITSOs by Region and Type

ITSOs are distributed all over the country. Surely, you can find an ITSO near you

ITSOs by Competencies

Each ITSO has its strength/s and areas of discipline expertise. Here, you can find the ITSOs that are fit to help you with your technical needs.